You Can Have Complete Control of YOUR Energy, and Their Energy, so You Can Dominate Any Situation and Have Total Peace of Mind! Now You Can Laugh at Your Enemies and Make Life Your Personal Playground!

Dear Friend,

I have an important question for you:​

Have you ever hung out with someone, or even talked to them on the phone, and afterwards you felt drained?​

Have you ever noticed how certain people make you feel uncomfortable and unsure of yourself?​

Is there someone that, whenever you think of them, you feel stressed out or anxious?​

Are there people that make you doubt your decisions and are constantly trying to manipulate and control you?​

Do you have “Fake Friends” and relatives that constantly talk sh-t behind your back?​

If you’re an honest person, your answer is YES.​

Now, these things might sound simply annoying or irritating, but the fact is it is goes MUCH DEEPER than that.​

These are ENERGY ATTACKS on Your Very Being as a Person,
And They Are A MAJOR Influence On Every Area Of Your Life -​
Your Health, Your Wealth, Your Peace of Mind and Well-Being,
Your Confidence and the very Results You Get!

That’s why it is Crucially Important that YOU KNOW HOW to recognize Energy Vampires in all of their forms and Stop Them COLD.

And that’s why Scott Bolan, the Ultimate Mastery Coach, created the “How To Stop Energy Vampires” home study course, that makes it EASY for you to learn.

You’ve probably heard of Scott Bolan, speaker, author and creator of bestsellers like Mental Warfare Secrets, Martial Mastery, Warrior Hypnosis and Speed NLP

Scott began serious and formal “Old School” Martial Arts training at the age of 8. He intuited very early in life that ALL OF LIFE IS MARTIAL ARTS – Physical, Mental, and Spiritual. It isn’t just about punching and kicking. LIFE IS WAR, and WAR is an acronym for “We Are Ready”

Scott Bolan studied the Mental, Spiritual, and Energetic Martial Arts with an unequaled passion and made the discoveries that would lead to the #1 Worldwide Bestselling Mental Warfare Secrets.

Scott accurately points out that while Martial Arts training is beneficial for self-improvement, self-development, self-perfection and SELF-DEFENSE, many if not most of us will got through our whole lives without ever being physically attacked! But..

We Are Mentally and Energetically Attacked EVERY Day!

Any honest and aware person would agree. Just look around you – the Media and “fake news”, politicians, celebrities, liars, people-users, manipulators, gossips and back-stabbers!

Those are Obvious Mental Attackers, and it’s easier to defend against an attacker you are aware of and you can see. But there is an Attacker that is far more Harmful and INVISIBLE and could be Destroying you right now – without you even knowing it…

… and that is THE ENERGY VAMPIRE.

Energy Vampires your personal energy – which is your very Life Force! They want to make you Nervous, Afraid, Upset, and even TERRIFIED so they can Manipulate you and Influence you for their own gratification.

The Most Important Thing You Could Ever Learn

Before we go any further, you need to understand the CRUCIAL IMPORTANCE OF YOUR PERSONAL ENERGY.

Your personal energy is your most important asset because it influences and controls EVERYTHING.

You see, everything is made of energy. Even a wooden chair. If someone lights the chair on fire, you can watch the energy burn up until there is a lifeless pile of ash.

Since EVERYTHING IS MADE OF ENERGY, including YOU, nothing could be more important than to Cultivate and Protect YOUR Energy!

Here’s an Awesome Tip From Scott:

Ultimately, everything comes from the Spirit, in the form of energy.

When you look at a building, it was first in the mind of an architect. It was more than an idea – he was somehow in-spired.

The Hawaiians call it “Aumakua”, the Chinese call it “Chi”, in India they call it “Prana“, the Japanese call it “Ki” and in the West we call it “Spirit”.

Most cultures all have a name for this, the spiritual Energy that is inside you. It is the stuff that causes and connects everything.

It is where all things come from, including your success!

When you are in communication with your Spirit, it will give you the answers to anything you ask of it.

So knowing this, where do we start?

We start with ENERGY.

Everything is made of energy! – money, trees, cars, sex, people, ideas and concepts, they are all the product of energy.

Even a piece of wood has energy in it, and a vibration. This is not some esoteric new- age concept, it is a scientifically proven fact.

Have you ever noticed when an angry person walks into a room you can feel it, even if they don’t say or do anything?

Energy is constantly being broadcast all of the time – whether we know it or not, whether we like it or not.

But now that we KNOW it, we can USE it to our advantage!

Always cultivate and protect your energy. Want to know “HOW”? Here’s how:

Remember the Golden Rule: “Energy First, Last, and Always..”

Always ask yourself “How will this effect my energy?” in any decision.

It may be what type of work you’re doing, the friends you’re associating with, the deci- sions you make and how you spend your time.

What you’re eating, what you’re thinking, what you’re reading… all are effected by this decision and the question that proceeded it.

By being mindful of the “Energy First, Last and Always” rule, you will always make opti- mal choices that empower you … instead of making choices that drain your energy.

Can you remember a time when a person or situation was not good for your energy, and they always left you feeling drained?

Now do this: imagine if you had FIRST asked the magical question…

“How Will This Effect My Energy?”

.. and taken the honest answer and used that answer as the basis of your decision… How would things have turned out differently?

Life would be a lot different, wouldn’t it?

As of right now, you can use this powerful tool at will. And so life from now on will turn out a lot differently.

it’s called “Life by Design instead of Life by Default”

Is that useful to you?


That tip alone can be a HUGE help in making you a more powerful person in your own right, but can you just imagine knowing the exact techniques to Control and Expand Your Energy, and be able to spot Energy Vampires and Stop them COLD?

You’d Be Jumping For Joy, Walking Through Walls, Kicking Ass and Taking Names, and having Genuine Lasting Confidence and Complete Personal Peace!

Look. Energy Vampires are EVERYWHERE and all around you – it may be a friend, a co-worker, or even a family member. You are surrounded by “energetic enemies” an I really do mean that.

You see, an “enemy” is anyone who has negative intentions towards you or wants to do you harm.

It may be physically, mentally, financially, or even spiritually.

A blood-thirsty street thug or a terrorist are obvious enemies, but every single day we face the not-so-obvious…

An envious co-worker or business competitor, fake friends, liars (how many of those do we see on a daily basis?), a domineering mother-in-law, manipulators, greedy bureaucrats, the media, and those with negative and dark intentions.

Remember how I asked you if you have ever noticed that certain people make you feel “drained” after hanging out with them, speaking with them, or even when you THINK about them?

These people are called “Energy Vampires” and they are numerous and in your life RIGHT NOW, and influencing you in ways you probably don’t even realize.

They may not want to destroy or kill you. It may simply be to control you, distract you from your goals (misery loves company), or direct and manipulate you for their own selfish reasons.

And the greatest weapon your enemy has to attack you with is your own mind. When you unknowingly allow this to happen, you do his work for him by attacking yourself!

Remember this my friend:

“The goal of the attacker is to break your Intention, and assert their Intention as the DOMINANT Force in Your Energetic Field. Integrity means not being influenced by your opponent.”

The moment you emotionally respond to an attacker, fear them, give them importance, or allow them to ENERGETICALLY INFLUENCE YOU, it affects
all of your decisions
, feelings, and behaviors – which affect all the results you get in every area of your life. In my opinion…

It can cause Illness, Failure, Sorrow, Insecurity, Accidents, Panic, Personal Destruction and even DEATH! – and it’s INVISIBLE to you if you don’t know this!

In other words, you become Hypnotized and they are in control.

The hell with that!

Scott wants you to have complete control of you decisions, feelings and behaviors.

That, my friend, is true power.

And that’s why he created the all-new How To Stop Energy Vampires course so you know just how it’s done and you can be the one in control.

In Control of Your Self, In Control of Others, and In Control of Your Feelings and Your Circumstances.

Because it’s YOUR LIFE, not theirs, and you have every right to control it and live powerfully.

You know what Scott told me?

He said, “Steve…



Not even once.”

I asked him, “Why?”

Scott said, “Because the moment you do, you are training them to give you MORE.

The world is already full of enough BS as it is, so why ALLOW any in your life at all?

And yes, you are ALLOWING”

In Scott’s new HOW TO STOP ENERGY VAMPIRES course you’ll discover that you CAN stop them, and Train Them to treat you the way you want to be treated.

It’s actually fun when you know how!

Here’s the Master Key Scott shared with me:

“The Way You Allow People to Treat You
is the Way You Are Training Them To Treat You”

Listen. Too often, we forfeit our power by default to ALLOW what we don’t want, and it sets a pattern.

Scott showed me how you can actually dynamically “train” people to treat you the way you want.

Easily, and without yelling, without getting upset, and without even the slightest disturbance.

In fact, they’ll respect you more and like you more, or they’ll simply leave you alone.

Either way, when you know How To Stop Energy Vampires, you can’t lose.

Here’s why:

People who try to give others sh*t have a “spiritual energetic force” of negativity operating THROUGH them.

When they give others sh*t and people react to it, it actually FEEDS that energetic force.

In other words, it “energy drains” YOUR Power when you react to it.

Make sense?

It Empowers The DARK SIDE of Their Ego

Thus, like an addict, they continue to do it get their ego “fix.”

Right here and right now, I’m going to share with you another Killer technique that Scott taught me.

Instead of emotionally responding, which only perpetuates the cycle, from now on you can Stop them COLD with the Scott’s Tactical Detachment method:

1. Look THROUGH their forehead as if you see someone walking up behind them

2. Have a SLIGHT smile – as if you know a secret they don’t know. The key here is to be NATURAL, so it’s not a “fake smile”, it’s a “knowing smile”

3. Pause Before Response – if you chose to respond at all! This ensures that your response is by YOUR Design, and not a Default to THEIR Provocation.

Make sense?

For fun, try the first two on a friend and watch them freak out!

The more you intentionally practice and use Tactical Detachment, the better you get at it and the more powerful you become.

Yes, the more you Stop Energy Vampires the more powerful you become!

Want to learn How To Stop Energy Vampires so you command (not “demand” – there’s a big difference) respect wherever you go, cause energetic attackers to FEAR YOU, and radiate and magnetize people left and right?

Well right now is your chance my friend to discover how, step-by-step, in a ways that is EASY to Learn.

Here’s just “some” of what you will discover in the How To Stop Energy Vampires home study course:

  • How To Walk In Complete CONFIDENCE and Peace of Mind all the days of your life (Yes, For REAL)
  • How to “drop her shield” with a single glance
  • How to “See” the Intentions of Others by Reading Their Energy
  • How To Multiply Your Personal Power and Magnetic Force by 3000x
  • How to make them FEAR you using only energy
  • 3 Ways to Protect your Mind Castle and Personal Energy Supply
  • The Ultimate FEAR DESTROYER
  • Energy Attacks: Make Your Attacker Doubt Himself and Cancel His Attack
  • The “Total Control” Technique: No More Nervousness, Fear, Self Doubt or Limiting Thoughts and Constant Worry
  • Why Energetics are the Biggest Influence on Your Money Making (this one is HUGE!!!!)
  • How To Reverse An Energy Attack So The Energy Vampire Attacks Themselves!
  • The 5 Secret Rituals for Mind/Heart/Spirit/Energy Power and Protection!
  • The Way of The Master: What you MUST know
  • How To Create and Use a “Psychic Shield”
  • How To Invade an Attackers Energy At Will
  • How To Attract Who and What You Want… using ONLY Energy!
  • How To Make Life Your Personal Playground
  • How To Radiate Magnetic Power (it’s so much more FUN and EASIER to get what you want this way!)
  • The “Reversing” Technique to make any Manipulator or Energy Attacker instantly BACK DOWN (watch their nail-biting freak out!)…And so much more, it would take an entire book to lay it all out here!

The bottom line is this: Knowing How To Stop Energy Vampires is one of the most important and Empowering Skill you could ever have.

Scott Bolan has dedicated a lifetime to helping people discover their true Inner Warrior and Become Powerful in their own lives. He went all-out on this to give you everything you need.

All I ask is that you give it a try and see how much you’ll love it.

Is that fair enough?

Okay then, order now.  You’ll be glad you did, and I really do mean that.